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PureLift | The Ideal Facial Treatment For Quick and Effective Result

Want to learn about the patented non-invasive facial lift treatment that de-ages you and keeps you feeling fresh, young, and beautiful without any discomfort?

Looking for solutions to counteract the sagging skin as you age can take you to countless products and treatments in the cosmetics industry that promises you unbelievable results without telling you much about how they achieve them.

Amid the slew of miracle products that claim to restore your youth, PureLift devices have actually been delivering on the promise of a non-invasive facial lift that can take a few years off your age. A sleek, smart, and effective electric device, this device was designed by dermatological experts in the US and manufactured with the highest industry standards in Japan.

You might be thinking about it as an EMS or microcurrent device that stimulates the skin cells to give the skin a lift. PureLift is actually the next step in the revolutionary and non-invasive facelift treatment to help you de-age and look younger.

Revolutionary Non-Invasive Face Lift Treatment with PureLift

Microcurrent devices mimic the natural current produced by the body to stimulate the dermis, promote blood flow in the skin, and induce healing to lift the skin. These devices, although effective, only provide you with superficial results. PureLift is a gamechanger in the non-invasive facelift treatment market due to its proprietary Triple-Wave Technology. It provides you with visible results in as soon as one session with the device.

Like all muscles in your body, your facial muscles also need stimulation and exercise to keep them energized and retain a proper shape. As you age, your facial muscles begin to sag, causing the skin to sag along with it.

PureLift provides stimulation to both the skin and the facial muscles underneath by penetrating deeper than standard facelift devices. The Triple-Wave Technology in PureLift sends pulsing and randomized currents that go all the way to the facial muscles to contract and relax them.

Essentially, PureLift's Triple-Wave Technology exercises your facial muscles while energizing your skin. The result is an overall improvement in your facial muscle tone that improves the foundations for your skin. Additionally, the electrical currents stimulate your skin to energize the cells and make them tighter to get an overall facelift that lasts much longer.

PureLift Provides Effective and Proven Face Lift

PureLift’s patented technology provides stimulation through electrical currents that range from 1300Hz to 1700Hz. The frequency is higher than standard microcurrents that deliver 1Hz to 8Hz currents. Additionally, the higher frequency and randomized pulses make sure that your skin and facial muscle cells do not become used to the currents and can continue providing results over the long run.

Standard microcurrent devices see the nerve cell membranes become used to stimulation from them and become less effective. The waveform in PureLift modulates the pulse frequency and duration to stimulate the skin and muscle cells without adaptation continuously.

The device also delivers its patented pulse in low-frequency waves that are narrow but can penetrate deep. The result is a more comfortable sensation from the treatment that is much smoother than traditional microcurrent products.

These qualities are unique to PureLift, and its effectiveness has a proven track record..

If you want to learn more about PureLift or try the treatment yourself contact Nu-Yu to arrange an appointment. 07968777150



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