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The first step in your skin journey! A thorough in-depth consultation to establish your skin needs and goals. We will discuss all your skin concerns and factors impacting on the skin to create a plan moving forward to treat your skin. It is a conversation for your skin needs, and an opportunity to ask any questions and concerns on your mind. After your consultation, we will follow up with your customised Skin Guide, a personalised routine covering all the bases, tweaks and product recommendations. We will share our product picks for you, which are pharmaceutical-grade treatment products designed to set you up for skin success.

Professional products are ideal for those who haven’t seen results from over-the-counter formulas and who truly want to maximize their results.

Follow-ups are encouraged (every 2 months is usually best) until the condition is managed and you feel you have reached your optimal goals.


Please keep in mind that there is no overnight miracle for skin success. As an organ, it can take months for the biological changes to manifest in improved skin health. We encourage committing to working with us, and your treatment plan for 6 months (especially for conditions such as acne and rosacea.) Although most clients see results long before this, it’s important to understand skin changes take time, patience, and consistency.

Slow and steady is our philosophy... We're in it for the long-haul!


to complete the Nu-Yu Consultation Form prior to your 1st appointment.


The Advanced Skin Consultation

An in depth consultation where we do a thorough assessment of your skin. Using the advanced OBSERV imaging technology we’ll be able to show you the full picture of what’s lurking underneath. Often the things we can’t see on the surface tells the real story!

You are under no obligation to take up the recommendations, but be mindful that results do come with a commitment and the speed of your results are linked to your commitment.


Please complete the online consultation form when booking your 1st appointment


Skin Consultation with Treatment

This consultation is for you if you are new to the clinic and want to have a treatment on the same day. Firstly get a deep understanding of your skin and needs, then experience a prescriptive facial to start your skin journey.

(If you are not planning on having a treatment you must book the full consultation 45 minutes at the cost of £50)

A consultation is required before any skin treatment can take place.


Please complete the online consultation form when booking your 1st appointment


Follow Up Consultation

Recommended for current clients with specific concerns who want to stay on top of their routine. Follow-ups are encouraged every 1-2 months to allow your skin time to acclimate to your new routine and give both the client and us time to assess any tweaks or additions that may be necessary. We use second visits wisely to check in on client progress and implement our step-up approach to slowly introducing new products + more potent actives for attaining your best-ever skin. Healthy skin is usually a marathon, not a sprint; it involves a mild introduction to potent ingredients + higher percentages to minimize irritation and mitigate the risks of overstimulation. Follow-ups allow us to observe how your skin is responding to treatment, address secondary concerns, and take your skin to the next level with each visit.



to complete the Nu-Yu Consultation Form prior to your 1st appointment.

Contact us now to book an appointment or a consultation.

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