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Control Acne....It's possible!

Being a teenager isn’t easy, we’ve all been there. It is a time full of changes, hormones, stress, drama and sometimes angry skin. In fact, up to 80% of teens suffer from some form of acne, and up to three in 10 teenagers suffer from severe acne, So you’re not alone. and the good news is that it’s treatable. 

At Nu-Yu Advanced Skin Solutions we offer a specialist facial to help combat the skin issues that may be arising and introduce a skincare routine that works for you. DMK Skincare is a paramedical skincare range who believe in Natural, Non-Invasive and Pain Free solutions to skin conditions for significant visible results.


Great skin doesn't happen with one product or one treatment but if you're consistent with your routine and realistic about your expectations DMK  and regular treatments can really make a difference. It can take several weeks or even months for your skin to clear up, but this applies to any treatment or skincare you may start for acne.


Teen Bootcamp 1st Treatment

t’s time to hit breakouts where it hurts! This is a customised facial using DMK Skincare

which starts with a consultation and then moves on to the skin treatment which includes

double cleanse, steam, full skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions and a customised masque.

Let our expert therapist work her magic and you will have clear skin!

Includes a 4 week DMK Skin Kit (cleanser, toner and moisturiser)

This treatment is for teens 11-17 years old


Teen Bootcamp

This treatment is for teens 11-17 who must of had 'Teen Boot Camp 1st Treatment' prior to booking this.


Course of 6 treatments £324, taken fortnightly


Add on Dermalux LED Light Therapy

to enhance the results to calm, heal & repair, as well as reducing activity in the sebaceous glands destroying acne-causing bacteria for clearer healthy glow.



Add on Byonik Pulse-Triggered Laser

Ideal for anyone with inflamed cystic acne. The dual diode infrared laser works to reduce inflammation, calms redness and discomfort, kills acne causing bacteria, reduces acne scarring and improves skin hydration which is important for maintaining healthy skin and prevent excessive dryness or oiliness that can contribute to acne.


Payment plans available

Contact us now to book an appointment or a consultation.

Email, call 07968777150 or simply fill in our contact form.

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