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Ageing  - Lines & Wrinkles

This is one of the hottest topics in the beauty world.  So first of all, let’s be clear from the start. It is impossible to stop the ageing process. However, by understanding what happens within the skin at different stages of your life you will be able to provide your skin with the optimum care and nutrition it needs. This can help guarantee that your skin doesn’t look old decades before it should!

How do we age?

The skin ages in two key ways:

Intrinsic Ageing (Internal)

Approximately only 20% of skin ageing is genetically predetermined. Eventually, skin gets thinner, dryer and less elastic. This happens because we produce less collagen over time. This drop, in collagen production also causes skin to sag and become unable to bounce back with weight loss.

The reason skin gets dryer and thinner over time is because the epidermis loses its ability to hold or attract water. On top of this, age causes a marked decrease in sebaceous glands (oil producing). Oils and water are the elements of that plump skin. Although the extent of these changes varies from person to person, skin ageing usually first becomes apparent in your 30s.

Extrinsic Ageing (External)

Now here’s the shocking statistic … Up to 80% of premature skin ageing is caused by our choices because extrinsic ageing is directly related to exposure to the toxins and environmental elements we put our skin through.

Examples include: UV exposure, lifestyle choices, stress, excessive exfoliation, aggressive products or treatments and inappropriate skin care are also major contributors. Once set in motion, extrinsic ageing inevitably leads to premature ageing.

Because of this, here at Nu-Yu we’re on a mission to make sure that the days of peeling, burning or injecting skin in the quest to look younger are soon behind us. As you’ll soon discover we feel so strongly about this because none of these clinical procedures bring any long-term benefits to the health of the skin, instead after an initial cosmetic quick fix they also accelerate the appearance of ageing.

Don’t be fooled…

The skin care market offers customers a wide choice of products with often make ‘big’ promises of reversing these affects; however, traditional formulations usually contain skin damaging ingredients, which after their initial cosmetic effect has disappeared do the opposite and speed up signs of ageing by:

  • washing or stripping away the skins protective barrier

  • removing the skins natural UV barrier

  • causing skin sensitivity, allergy and irritation

  • turning off the skins natural healing processes

So please don’t fall for the hype and instead realise that the skin ageing process is both natural and inevitable and your real choice is whether to, ‘Love the skin you’re in’ by understanding what it really needs and making sure it gets it regularly … or to carry on believing the hype.

This means at Nu-Yu Advanced Skin Solutions we aren’t about quick fix fads or plastic faces. We believe that you should still look like yourself, just a little fresher.

Prevention is always better than correction so the sooner you start the better results you will see for the long term.

However, if you’re a late starter there is some good news because we’re now in an age where we have some great technology that allows us to understand what the skin needs at a much deeper level and by restoring the natural cellular balance to your skin we can slow down and even in some cases reverse intrinsic ageing safely and effectively.

The effectiveness of any anti-ageing treatment comes down to the timing and consistency. Our skin therapist can develop a treatment program that’s designed exactly for you.

Treatments Offered 

  • Byonik PTL - The BYONIK® Pulse Triggered Laser is a unique breakthrough in technology delivering unrivalled and scientifically proven results. The world’s ONLY system that repairs skin at a cellular level and adjusts to the skin’s individual needs, providing a personalised, highly effective, visible pain-free result. The world’s FIRST Laser to rejuvenate, repair and protect the skin from inside the skin cells to reduce inflammation, provide deep long-lasting hydration, superior detoxification, powerful immunity boosting abilities whilst supporting skin healing and rejuvenation. Find out more

  • CACI Microcurrent - Like a workout for the face, this Facial focuses on tightening the skin, lifting facial muscles and contouring the jawline. Find out more

  • Microneedling - Focuses on plumping the skin and stimulating collagen by rebuilding and thickening the skin. Find out more

  • SkinPen - rejuvenates from the inside out for younger looking skin. State-of-the-art, medical-grade, FDA-approved device used during microneedling sessions clinically proven to minimise the appearance of fine lines, moderate-to-severe wrinkles, deep folds and scars all over the body. Find out more

  • Bio Nutri Glow is a truly unique rejuvenation procedure which uses Mesotherapy to not just address lines and wrinkles, lost volume and sagging skin, but to feed the skin with a nutrients needed to give you the healthy, radiant glow and deep and long-lasting hydration. Find out more

  • Beautifeye a skin rejuvenation treatment specifically to target fine and fragile skin around the eyes. This protocol will smooth out fine lines, restore radiance, deeply nourish the skin and increases the density of the Dermis. Find out more

  • Bio Nutri Neck - specifically designed to target this delicate zone with a complete 360 degree routine. Its' for filling fine lines, moisturising, adding radiance and tone boosting for tired looking necks. Find out more

  • Wow Fusion – a one of its kind treatment combining of microneedling & mesotherapy. The treatment uses a uniquely formulated 24-carat gold needle device to treat skin conditions, such as ageing skins, oily skin, enlarged pores, acne, pigmentation and redness.The ultimate WOW factor treatment, using the most advanced skincare technologies carefully selected and meticulously arranged to leave skin glowing, luminous, and healthy, with long-lasting results. Find out more

  • PureLift Radio Frequency works by shrinking existing collagen ;ssue, providing an immediate tightening and plumping effect. Old, fibrous collagen is denatured and broken down by the body. Fibroblasts (the cells that create new collagen) are stimulated to create new, fresh, supple collagen.The end result is volume of collagen, increases in a more organised structure and Elastin is strengthened and reinforced. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst also providing tighter, plumper firmer feeling skin. Altogether a more youthful, supple and smoother complexion is achieved!    Find out more

  • Enzyme TherapyDMK provides long-term results, by getting to the core of the problem and revising the decline that causes skin to age. No matter what point a person is along the ageing journey, DMK endeavours to help your' skin to look as youthful as you feel within. Find out more

  • Aesthetic Lift (A-Lift®) - A comprehensive age management treatment program. Find out more

  • DMK Muscle BandingDesigned to lift and firm the skin. Find out more

  • Remodelling Procedure (RP) - An advanced peel for ageing, pigmentation, acne and scarring. Find out more

  • Instant LiftFor firmer, juicier, younger-looking skin. Find out more

  • pH Revision Treatment - DMK’s unique alkalising treatment for stubborn skin conditions. Find out more

  • Hydradermaze - Impactful treatment for congested skins and skins that show signs of sun damage and wrinkles. Find out more


  • Cyrosthetics CoolLifting - designed to easily and quickly treat the whole face, in order to obtain a general lifting effect that smoothens and illuminates the skin, paying special attention to the areas most sensitive to wrinkles, both due to expression and to gravity: eyes outline, forehead, frown, cheeks and lips’ area. Find out more


  • BioRePeel - is an innovative, two-phase clinical peel. It enhances cellular turnover and collagen stimulation to combat skin ageing, softening wrinkles and adding turgidity. Find out more

Product Recomendations

If you would like to talk to us more about your specific skin concern please contact us.

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