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Ingrown Hair & Folliculitis

Folliculitis is an inflammation in the hair follicle, characterised by follicular papules, red raised bumps and pustules. Folliculitis and ingrown hairs are the result of a dysfunctional process inside the hair follicle. Blockages stop the natural flow in the follicle, trapping bacteria and potentially causing infection and inflammation.

Solution: DMK dissolves the hair and accumulation of dead cell material, which releases the follicle, addresses infection, strengthens the skin and in turn, reduces any remaining redness and inflammation.

Recommended Treatment

Follicuzyme - Ingrown hairs and Folliculitis are no longer a condition that you have to put up with. This in-clinic treatment works to dissolve the hair and accumulated dead skin cells within the follicle, killing any bacteria, while also soothing redness and inflammation to revise the small red bumps. Find out more

Home Prescriptives for Folliculitis

  • 4 EFA Ultra

  • Hydra Louffa (body)

  • Acu Klenz or Deep Pore or Milk CLeanser

  • Beta Gel

  • Maximum Moisture (body)

  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C

  • Herbal Pigment Oil

  • Contraderm

  • Solar Damage Gel

  • SPF

  • Actrol Powder

  • Revitosin (face)

  • Calerase (body)

Recommended Skincare

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