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oxygen-rich body contouring

wellbeing, therapeutic & cosmetic

results based on scientific research

the international market leader in pneumatic pressure therapy massage, combined with ambient oxygen, to offer a 360° approach to enhance overall health and wellbeing.




Scientific research is at the heart of the SLIMYONIK® | AIR Bodystyler.

SLIMYONIK® is a clinically effective regenerative treatment, which is adaptable to you and your physiology. 

The SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler offers tailored pressure therapy massages combined with the inhalation of air enriched with oxygen, which gently activates your lymph system, boosts your metabolism, and increases the flow of blood to your skin and fatty tissue. Specially developed pressure-wave massages boost metabolism even in the deeper layers of connective tissue triggering detoxifying processes and allowing waste and fat deposits to be broken down, washed out and eliminated.

The Bodystyler with oxygen inhalation lies at the core of our approach. An active metabolism and plenty of oxygen are needed for fat to be broken down as this enables the body to split up fatty acids and then expel most of them through the lungs.

You need a healthy supply of oxygen along with a reduction in calories and an active metabolism if you want to lose weight. By using the results of scientific research and treatment methods developed accordingly, you can become healthier and slimmer in the long term.


The SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler features perfectly tailored chamber pressure sequences that activate the metabolism through pressure therapy massages. At the same time, a nasal cannula is used to boost the oxygen intake into the body through the air you breathe in. And before you know it, you are set to burn as much fat as possible.

A cosmetic innovation based on a therapeutic application from the medical sector using 11 sophisticated algorithms based on the “Dr Vodder method”. Scientific findings support the SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler Treatment.


It is a scientific fact that 86% of fat is exhaled and 14% is excreted via body fluids and based on this knowledge,the SLIMYONIK® AIR Bodystyler was developed.

For many people, oxygen in their body tissue is too low.

This is typically due to our modern lifestyle: we spend too long sitting down, we don’t exercise enough, and we breathe shallowly and superficially. Oxygen can only be absorbed from the air we breathe in – the higher the oxygen content, the better our metabolism and well-being.


The SLIMYONIK-AIR-Bodystyler treatment is a turbocharge for the metabolism and subsequently also for burning fat.

During the SLIMYONIK® AIR Treatment, oxygen-enriched ambient air that is cleaned with a viral and germ-reduction filtration system is inhaled and introduced into the body tissue. This stimulates the metabolism, similar to what happens during exercise.


The body needs more oxygen to metabolise fatty acids and this extra oxygen is introduced to the body through inhalation during the treatment working like a catalyst that stimulates the breakdown of fat and the removal of waste due to the increased availability of oxygen. The oxygen detoxifies the connective tissue and actives the lymph. The oxygen provided by the treatment and immediately available to the body activates the burning of fat.

Oxygen production and supply during the Slimyonik® Air Bodystyler treatment

The ambient air that is cleaned with a viral and germ-reduction filtration system is sucked in by the unit and enriched with oxygen using membrane technology. The oxygen content is increased from approx. 21% to approx. 30%, corresponding to a moderate increase of approx. 40%. To ensure optimal results, we recommend that patients consciously breathe deeply during the treatment.

Our body can acquire energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If you want to lose weight, i.e. burn fat, it is important to consider the following in relation to breathing: carbohydrates are hydrates of carbon with the basic formula C6H12O6 (O6 refers to six oxygen atoms).


This means that carbohydrates include oxygen – fats do not do this. They are purely hydrocarbons, without oxygen. It is therefore logical that when the body suffers from an oxygen deficiency due to intensive activity, it naturally falls back on nutrients that provide it with precious oxygen in this situation, namely carbohydrates. However, this also means that if you exert yourself too intensively, at too high a speed, at your maximum oxygen intake capacity and therefore become short of breath, you are not burning fat, but rather carbohydrates, and will consequently not lose weight. Fats burn in the muscles, but only in combination with oxygen.

If you want to lose weight, you not only need to reduce calorie intake but also ensure that the body has a sufficient supply of oxygen so that it can attack its fat reserves by burning them with oxygen

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  • Supports wellbeing and provides therapeutic and cosmetic benefits

  • Improved transportation of Lymph for better overall wellness and body functionality

  • Feeling bloated or sluggish

  • Fat reduction – promotes the mobilisation of stored fat

  • Volume reduction

  • Can be used as part of a combined programme with the BYONIK® Pulse triggered Laser

  • Cellulite prevention and reduction

  • Supports a holistic health journey

  • Regenerative and reparative following sports or illness

  • Sports massage to remove lactic acid

  • Provides aftercare support post liposuction/cavitation treatments

  • Supports the body’s elimination of water retention

  • Oedema

  • Decongestion of connective tissue

  • Blocked up digestion

  • Feeling irritable and disturbed sleep

  • Post party fatigue

  • Post sports recovery


What are the overall benefits of the system?

  • The system provides the PERFECT reset for the entire body

  • Supports a holistic, functional approach to skin health, and a complete unique experience.

  • The system can help to support lifestyle changes, be used to support weight loss and is a general wellness tool to support and enhance all other modalities.

  • Perfect for boosting the immune system and for aiding absorption of nutritional supplementation.

  • A strong regenerative action on the connective tissue, muscle and skeletal system

  • The body will be able to function at an optimal level in the long-term; repair, immunity, detoxification etc.

  • The turbo charged oxygen is also feeding the tissue, muscle and cells, so overall, a positive mindset is often noted.

  • Overall increase in energy levels

  • More regular bowel habits

This NEW Impressive elite-duo treatment- offers a complete 360 approach to cellular ageing and detoxification for the entire body for the ultimate aesthetic well-being experience.

It’s all about holistic wellness and the SLIMYONIK® will enhance all of Nu-Yu's facial treatments and more!

It is a fantastic treatment combined with the BYONIK® pulse-triggered laser facial, aiding cellular detoxification and helping the entire regenerative process. Leaving you feeling revitalised, less bloated, clear minded and your skin looking glowing and deeply hydrated with added anti-inflammatory benefits.”

Slimyonik Stand-alone

Price Guide:

(Includes FREE Dermalux LED Light Therapy)


30/50 minutes depending on programme required


course of 6  (2 sessions a week )


course of 12  (2 sessions a week)

(recommended for slimming, body contouring & cellulite reduction) 

Payment plans available

Slimyonik Add-on

Price Guide


Available to any facial lasting an hour long.
(45/50 mins depending on programme required )

Slimming and contouring  package

Slimming and contouring package helps with overall volume reduction & targets stubborn areas.

The package includes:

12 Slimyonik Slim & Contour sessions 

11 LED Light Therapy treatments

1 Byonik Cellular Rejuvenation session. Our holistic approach includes personalised nutritional guidance for a radiant, revitalised

£1000, saving of £455

Payment plans available

Recommended Products to use during your Slimyonik Treatments

slimyonik refiner.png

SLIMYONIK® Silhouette Refiner

The powerful active ingredient SLIMEXIR® inhibits the formation of new fat cells, reduces fat storage, and accelerates the breakdown of existing fat when used regularly (twice daily). The pleasant, fresh gel texture makes it easy to apply and spread on the skin

SLIMYONIK® Body Contour Gel

Bioactive substances such as rosemary, ivy extract, camphor, menthol and nicotine as well as the heat effect increase skin functions and the oxygen content in weak tissue. The skin surface appears smoother and firmer, and the “orange-peel effect” is significantly reduced.

  • Is The Treatment Safe?
    Yes, the treatment is completely safe. The treatment only pierces the epidermis and dermis to stimulate collagen production. The epidermis and dermis heals rapidly, usually in a matter of hours and the skin should be completely back to normal within 24 to 48 hours. Furthermore… SkinPen is Laboratory Tested and Validated to prevent the risk of cross contamination CE Mark medical grade registration provides practices in Europe with a safe, reliable and effective device compliant and certified to ISO & BSI standard FDA CLEARED Micro-needling Pen
  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?
    Your provider, based on your individual treatment goals and the current condition of your skin, will determine the number of treatments required. However, for best results, most Micro-needling patients receive a series of 3-6 treatments, spaced about four to six weeks apart. A booster course of 3 is recommended annually to maintain optimal results.
  • What Must I Avoid Prior To The Skinpen Treatment?
    Any active skincare products such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol or any topical form of vitamin A should not be used a week before treatment. The skin barrier should not be compromised on the day of the treatment e.g. no dryness/peeling, open breakouts that are healing. This can cause the skin to be sensitive and may cause other skin problems such as post-inflammatory pigmentation. Also, any facial or laser treatments should be avoided 2-4 weeks prior to Skinpen treatment, please speak with your practitioner for further advice.
  • What Does The Procedure Involve?
    During the procedure, small pricks are made under the skin with a pen-like tool. The pinpricks are so small that you likely won’t notice them after the procedure. The pen is moved evenly across your skin so that the new skin that rejuvenates will be even, too. You might think that having a bunch of tiny needles stamped into your skin would be painful, but surprisingly it is not. 20 minutes before treatment you’ll have a topical anaesthetic applied which will eliminate any discomfort during the process. The treatment may last 30 -60 minutes, depending on the area that is to be treated.
  • WHat Does The Treatment Feel Like?
    It feels similar to light sandpaper being moved across the skin or some say it’s like an electric toothbrush on the skin. Some areas are more sensitive than others, but the speed of the tip along with the applied serum reduces discomfort. Nu-Yu Skin Clinic uses a topical anaesthetic to make the treatment very tolerable.
  • What Serums Can Be Used With Skinpen?
    Fillmed NCTF® 135HA is an anti-aging mesotherapy product indicated for intensive revitalisation, moisturising of tired or dull skin and treatment of wrinkles. The formula consists of 55 active ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, proteins and antioxidants) that stimulate and repair ageing skin. This little vial has the power to target numerous areas as well as numerous indications. Whether you want to reduce sun spots on your hands, reduce fine lines on the neck or décolletage, target hair restoration, OR, reduce pores size, wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles, ultimately improve the overall look of your skin, NCTF is the answer.
  • What Can I Expect After The Treatment?
    Immediately after treatment, skin will be slightly red and flushed, not unlike a moderate sunburn. In the days that follow, patients will experience dryness, tightness, and slight redness. Within the course of a week, the skin will heal and continue to improve by producing collagen.
  • What Can I Expect After The Treatment?
    Immediately after treatment, skin will be slightly red and flushed, not unlike a moderate sunburn. In the days that follow, patients will experience dryness, tightness, and slight redness. Within the course of a week, the skin will heal and continue to improve by producing collagen.
  • What Skincare Products Should I Use Alongside Skinpen?
    Before your treatment, we recommend you use basic skincare products that do not contain AHAs/BHAs and vitamin A. After your SkinPen treatment, you will be provided with two -home-care products to use for the following 48 to 72 hours. Within this time frame, we advise avoiding using any other products, including a cleanser and SPF. You will then be able to resume your normal routine including active ingredients etc, once your skin has fully healed with no redness or peeling of the skin.
  • What After Care Is Required?
    Directly following the procedure, you will be advised to: Keep the area clean. Use only tepid water for the first 72 hours. Dry the skin in a gentle manner and with a clean towel Nothing to be applied to the skin for 24 hours, as there may be an increased risk of infection, except for *Skinfuse Lift HG and Skinfuse Rescue Calming Complex Protect the skin from UV damage. Avoid sun exposure and sun beds for 2-4 weeks after treatment A minimum of SPF30 to be worn after 24 hours The skin will feel dry, use a gentle unscented moisturiser to keep the skin hydrated Make up should be avoided for 24 hours, unless it is mineral based make up Strenuous exercise should be avoided for 24 hours Avoid any products (prescription or non-prescription) that contain active ingredients
  • What Are The Potential Post Treatment Effects On The Skin?
    Blood may be visible on the skin post treatment and should be wiped away with sterile gauze and water initially Bruising (this may last up to 1 week) Erythema and flushing (redness of the skin) (this may last up to 1 week) Swelling (this may last up to 1 week) Skin tightness and dryness Hyperpigmentation Infection
  • How Soon Do You See Results From Micro-Needling?
    Results will last depending on the skin concern and the home maintenance. Typically results last longer once you have completed a course and generally last up to 12-18 months. However, if you are targeting ageing, we recommend having a maintenance session once every 6 months to prevent the collagen production from slowing down again. You can upgrade your treatment by adding on LED Phototherapy as it not only helps to calm and heal the skin but provides additional anti-ageing results.
  • At What Age Should You Start Micro-Needling?
    There is no hard and fast rule regarding the best time to start micro needling. Young patients with acne scars may benefit from this treatment just as much as patients who have noticed signs of ageing like fine lines and age spots. Essentially, SkinPen Micro-needling is a suitable treatment option for any patient with concerns about their skin’s appearance or texture.
  • Can I Have Facials, Laser, Botox Or Dermal Fillers After Skinpen?
    We advise you to wait 4 weeks for any facial or laser treatment, please speak with your practitioner who will advise you further. We recommend 2 weeks after SkinPen treatment for any injectable procedures such as botox or filler.
  • What’s The Difference Between Skinpen And Doing Micro Needling At Home?
    SkinPen is a medical device that is also used in the NHS by doctors etc. There is a difference in strength due to the way SkinPen technology works in the skin and the downtime is much greater than a home use micro-needling and will always need guidance when the skin is healing. Whereas home micro-needling, if used correctly your skin may appear slightly pink but doesn’t last long. Therefore the SkinPen procedure is more effective and the results last longer
  • I Didn’t Peel Much After My Skinpen Treatment, Will It Still Work?
    Yes, how much peeling or dryness will occur depends on the depth we treat and generally varies from person to person. However, minimal or excessive peeling is both normal and the treatment will still be as effective.
  • My Redness Only Lasted One Day, Does This Mean The Skinpen Treatment Is Not As Effective?
    Redness from SkinPen can last from 24 hours to 1 week and sometimes longer. This also depends on the depth of the treatment and varies from person to person. We always advise to allow 1 to 2 weeks for downtime with redness and/or peeling of the skin.

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