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Why We Get Cellulite

We all know very well the dreaded orange peel, dimpled appearance of cellulite. Cellulite can affect 90% of women no matter their size or fitness level and is caused by the accumulation or enlargement of fat cells in between the connective tissue. The lumps and bumps you are used to seeing with cellulite are caused by the fat deposits below the connective tissue that are pushing upwards towards the top layer of skin.

Unfortunately, cellulite mostly affects women and often presents on the buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen and occasionally on the breasts or upper arms. Men don’t usually experience cellulite as the structure of their skin is slightly different from women’s – unfair, right? Women’s connective tissue is structured vertically, which allows space for fat tissue to protrude upward, while men’s have a criss-cross structure.

Factors that can impact the development of cellulite include hormones, such as estrogen, genetics, race, diet and lifestyle. One theory suggests as estrogen decreases as women age, blood flow to the connective tissues also does. This lower circulation can lead to less oxygen in the areas, which can affect collagen production and can contribute to the enlargement of fat cells.


DMK regulates the dysfunctions and restores homeostasis, enhancing the blood and lymphatic circulation and increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the tissue. This flushes out toxins and strengthens the all important connective tissue which is the essence of strong smooth skin.


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