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Conversations with a Skin Therapist: Cracked Heels

Do you walk around the house and through the garden barefoot in the summer? With this warm weather so many of my client's ditch their slippers. Summertime is the weather and season for sandals, flip-flops and open-toe shoes, but it wrecks havoc on your feet. The constant rubbing, walking barefoot and exposure to the elements causes feet to become dry and heels to crack.

This can easily be combated with a little extra tender, loving, care. During the summer months it's important to keep hard skin at bay through regular exfoliation, which can be done with a pumice stone or body exfoliant. Use it daily in the shower to remove dead skin cells followed by a light weight moisturiser like the Body Hydrating Cream.

Moisturising is key to keeping feet soft and sandal worthy. Moisturise daily after bathing and reapply at night when your skin is repairing and your feet are resting. A daily dose of your body moisturiser on your feet will help prevent dryness during the day and an intense foot cream at night will help to repair and restore moisture loss at night. This can be amped up by layering a body oil and foot cream to help soothe and nourish tired dry feet while you sleep.

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