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What Goes Where? Layer DMK Products Like A Pro!

It is so exciting getting stuck into your newly purchased DMK skincare routine! It can however, be quite frustrating when you get stuck at the first step – knowing which order your products go onto the skin! The skin is such a complex organ and so it’s not uncommon these days that your skincare routine will include applying several different products before you even get to your moisturiser. Do not worry, we are here to decipher exactly what goes where. It can take a little practice to get it right, but if you follow these steps below it will be a cinch in no time.

1. Cleanse Acu Klenz, Deep Pore Cleanser, Milk Cleanser, Mediterranean Pearls, Embioment Cleanser It goes without saying, cleansing sits at number one. Morning and night, this is the first step before applying any other products. Remember to do a double cleanse if you are removing heavy make-up – working the cleanser into the skin for a good 30 seconds and then removing well with warm water and a gentle face washer or towel.

2. Eyes Eyetone, Fine Line, Eye Webb Possibly one of the most forgotten of the skincare steps, but oh so important! It’s the area of face that the first signs of ageing occur so we must protect and nourish it to avoid those pesky crow’s feet. Your therapist will let you know which eye cream is best for you and when to apply, AM or PM.

3. Drops Melanotech Drops, Pore Reduction Drops Next to go on, drops! These penetrate deeply into the skin, allowing for serums to follow. Depending on your skin prescription, you will use just one of these drops or a combination of the two.

4. Treat Beta Gel + Direct Delivery Vitamin C combo, Super Serum, Firmatrix or Embioment Serum Depending on your skin concern, you will apply one of these serum choices straight over the top of your drops. An exception to this rule is Embioment Serum, which will be applied after spraying the skin with Embioment Spritz.

5. Nourish Seba E Oil or Herbal Pigment Oil Being an oil formulation, these essential fatty acid combinations are designed to sit on top of the skin and and mimic the skin’s natural outerprotective layer. These oils are also sprayed into the skin with Herb and Mineral Mist.

6. Correct Revitosin, Revise A, Red Vein or Superbright These super active products do enough on their own! Revitosin, Revise A (vitamin A) and Red Vein are applied as the first and only product after cleansing at night if these are part of your prescription.

7. Moisturise Acu Moist, Acu Creme, Nite Firming, Biogen C, Betagen, Pro Amino, Crème Citrique or Transgensis All DMK cremes are sprayed into the skin with either Herb and Mineral Mist, Acu Mist, Aminodine Spritz or Wetter than Water. This is because the sprays have a unique transdermal delivery system which transport the product into the skin and parks it in voids which releases the ingredicent in to the skins matrix over an eight hour period, keeing the skin hydrated and nourished all day long.

8. Lock it in Solar Damage, Hydroloc, Soleil Defence 15+ and 50+ As the name suggest, these products seal in your other products. DMK’s range of sunscreens contain 15+ SPF or 50+ SPF and are a critical step in everyone’s daily skincare routine. This is applied as your final product for the morning, over the top of your moisturiser. Solar Damage and Hydroloc increase hydration, hence why they are applied as the very last step in your routine other than when applying Superbright, Revitosin or Red Vein super treatment night time products.

There you have it, 8 steps to achieving amazing skin! In reality, this routine should only take you five minutes, morning and night, and will be well worth it when you see the results. If you need assistance with how to layer your products at home and for a personalised plan get in touch!

Jill Matthews




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