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So you have either just turned the big 3.0. or are just about to and have noticed that a few wrinkles

and perhaps the odd grey hair just aren’t going away (no matter how much you rub it). Well, there is no need to panic; we’ve put together our beauty resolutions that will have you feeling more in control of your look than ever before!

What's Happening?

• Laxity (looseness) under the chin, small wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth, will start to appear.

• This is due to the slowing down of fibroblast activity, which is responsible for the production

of collagen and elastin.

• Hormonal pigmentation may develop during pregnancies.

• Previous “bad” lifestyle choices high amounts of UV exposure) will exaggerate the ageing signs and be more evident in this age group.


1. Wear sunscreen.

2. Wear a hat!

3. Find a hair stylist who honestly gets you, a bad or outdated haircut can be seriously ageing!

4. Befriend your DMK Paramedical Therapist – there is a treasure trove of skin facts, hints, and tips within his/her repertoire.

5. Don’t skip a step – so often people start out with the best intentions and then over time slowly

drop off steps in their homecare. Every step has a purpose, ensure that you’re not compromising

your long-term skin health by discontinuing a product or treatment here and there.

6. Find your signature shade – nothing is serious quite like a seriously coloured lip! Find your signature shade and embrace it.

7. Make H2O your beverage of choice – everything that you have heard is true, water is your friend. Embrace drinking it daily!

8. Don’t forget your digits – your hands can be just as telling as your face and neck as to how only you are. Protect your hands by wearing hand crème daily and regular application of sunscreen – especially when you’re driving.

Recommended Products In Your 30's:

What do I need?

• DMK Biogen C

• DMK Direct Delivery Vitamin C

• DMK Beta Gel

• DMK Revitosin

• DMK Super Bright

• DMK Eye Tone

• DMK EFA Ultra

• DMK Soleil Defence SPF 50+

How will it help?

Direct Delivery Vitamin C supports your skin’s all-important fibroblast cells to produce collagen, elastin, and GAGS. Whilst Beta Gel will assist your skin’s immune system. How? Beta Glucan of course. All-important

Revitosin, through its blend of vitamin A will rebuild damaged skin and support overall skin function.

Super Bright will keep any pigmentation that wishes to rear its head in check, and

EFA Ultra will equip your body with fucoidans – providing your skin’s matrix with enough nutrients to keep it bouncy and j-u-i-c-y.

Eye Tone will keep your eyes looking fresh and bright and top it off –

DMK Sunscreen SPF 30 to ensure that the sun doesn’t undo all your hard work!

Recommended Treatments In Your 30's:

Enzyme Therapy – To revise overall skin functioning i.e. regulate oil secretion and revise overall skin tone.

Enzyme Therapy + Muscle Banding – To tighten and tone, and revise overall skin function.

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel – To tackle any pigmentation, dark circles and fine lines.

Remember: Prevention is better than a cure. Manage your ageing process early and your skin (and your purse) will thank you in the future.


Prevention is better than a cure. Manage your ageing process early and your skin (and your purse)

will thank you in the future.

Are you ready to revolutionise your skincare routine? Let DMK be your partner on this towards glowing, healthy skin!

Book a skin consultation here or get in touch by telephone 07968777150 or



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