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You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

At DMK we like to say, you won’t believe your eyes! Because this gorgeous-textured formula is gentle, effective and nourishing by design.

The primary focus of eye tone is to help the precious skin around the eyes function like it did when it was young. Who wouldn’t want that!?!

It’s specifically designed to target dark circles, fine lines, redness and puffy bags under the eyes. Which means you can nurture a more youthful looking you!

It also helps to promote normal cellular proliferation, while aiding in revising wrinkles and fine lines.

It’s a much-loved product by many of our loyal DMK fans and a must-have product all year round!

The key ingredients that help make this product perform are:

• Beta glucan – to help stimulate and re-educate traumatised tissue • Ascorbyl glucoside – a stabilised form of vitamin C • Hyaluronic acid – to aid in hydrating tissue and promoting healthy cellular functioning • Rutin – to assist in decreasing capillary fragility • Squalane – to help to reduce swelling • Sea Buckthorn oil – (a nutrient-rich oil known for its healing properties) to help revise fragile capillaries.

eye tone is something that you have to try, to love!

For purchases, please complete this consultation form and then contact Nu-Yu Advanced Skin Solutions at



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