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A wrinkle is a fold (or a ridge) in a smooth surface. It is mostly seen on a person’s skin, but can also be seen on fruits and vegetables. In this article, we will look closer at the under eye wrinkles. The skin around the eye being one of the thinnest areas of our skin, it is therefore very fragile. Under eye wrinkles can appear there quickly, as it is a natural part of the aging process. But what causes under eye wrinkles?


Two types of under eye wrinkles exist:

  • expression wrinkles: also known as dynamic wrinkles, they are linked to the repetition of muscular contractions (smiling, squinting eyes).

  • age wrinkles: also known as static wrinkles, they usually appear around fifty years and are the consequences of UV damages on your skinand slackenning.

Whether dynamic or static, face wrinkles can be found:

  • frontal wrinkles, transverse wrinkles on the forehead

  • lion’s wrinkles (also known as inter-eyebrow or glabella wrinkles), vertical wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows

  • crow’s feet wrinkles (also called periorbital wrinkles), starting from the exterior corner of the eyes to the ears

  • bitterness wrinkles (also called chin-chin or labio-chin furrow), starting from the corners of the mouth to the chin

  • nasolabial wrinkles, vertical lines of skin descending from the wings of the nose to the corner of the mouth

  • perioral wrinkles (also called sun folds), around the mouth


A wrinkle is a cutaneous fold that may be of physiological origin, of rare genetic disease or, more often, of ageing. It is a natural process in a human’s life. The wrinkles that appear on your skin because of ageing are the result of a life of exposure to ultraviolet from the sun. The effect of UV irradiation is underrated, because it can come from sunshine but also from a cloudy sky, a reflective effet like water or snow, but also sand.

Natural fat mass loss during your life also plays a role in the appearance of wrinkles. But they can also come from tobacco and pollution. Stress, tiredness and the food you eat are another cause of wrinkles. Women can also develop skin fold due to a decrease in estrogen, like menopause.

WRINKLES PREVENTION Despite being natural, wrinkles can be prevented. The first thing to do is to avoid ultraviolet light such as solariums, ease the hot hours of the day and expose yourself to sunshine repeatedly but shortly. When exposed to the sunshine, use solar cream with physical or chemical filter with a sun protection factor greater than 50 including UVA and UVB protection. It will protect your skin from being assaulted by the ultraviolet light. Large sunglasses can also help to prevent under eye wrinkles.

WRINKLES TREATMENTS Different cosmetic and medical treatments exist for under eye wrinkles. They are more efficient than home remedies. Dermal fillers can be used by doctors. Its purpose is to restore fullness to hollow areas, by injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin. For this method, the potential side effects are bruising, bleeding and infection. These treatments should be heavily considered before, as they might cause allergic reactions.


1. BEAUTIFEYE PROTOCOL Our eyes are often the firsts to show signs of aging, stress and tiredness. And it is normal, as we blink up to 15,000 times a day, we laugh and squint. This is why I offer FILLMED BEAUTIFEYE, a protocol dedicated to delicate areas like eye contour. It focuses on hydration and revitalization. It enables a better shine of eye contour. This innovation combines an in-clinic treatment with a range of home prescriptives to use at home, specifically developed to target thin skin and fragile eye contour. 2. SKINPERFUSION Developed by a French laboratory leading in cosmetic medicine and skin quality, SKIN PERFUSION is an innovative cosmeceutical range especially designed to maintain and enhance the results of aesthetic procedures. This range includes an HXR-Eye Cream that addresses all signs of ageing. It is a global rejuvenating eye contour that fights wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness and dehydration. For that, apply in the morning and/or evening to the eye contour area.

The results are there:

  • -14,8% of dark circles in one month.*

  • -18,5% of eye bags in one month.*

  • -14,3% of crow’s feet wrinkles in one month.*

*Clinical evaluation on 20 volunteers, HXR-EYE CREAM product applied twice a day during one month. Clinical scoring results.

Formulated with high-grade ingredients in optimal concentrations, SKIN PERFUSION products are based on the Mix’n Match principle to achieve the best visible results on skin appearance and to best fit the needs of each skin through tailor-made solutions.

Combining in-clinic and home treatments, SKIN PERFUSION allows a holistic treatment of ageing skin. The specific protocols combine superficial peels, micro-needling and professional skincare to address the concerns of ageing skin.


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  • firmness

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If you would like more information about the BEAUTIFEYE treatment or the Fillmed skincare range get in touch



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