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ALLSKIN MED… where science meets experience.

I am delighted to announce the launch of ALLSKIN MED – a brand new medical grade system that allows me to create a personalised plan for you and your skin, combining home-use skincare and luxurious in-clinic treatments.

ALLSKIN MED has been created by Cantabria Labs the creators of the popular Heliocare, packed with active ingredients and technologies that are all clinically proven.

ALLSKIN MED gently targets every layer of your skin to deliver and will take your skincare routine to the next level, delivering remarkable results. You will only be able to get these medi-grade products from a professional skin clinic.

The philosophy behind ALLSKIN MED is to make you feel great in your skin and boost your skin confidence. I'm sure that you’ll love your ALLSKIN MED journey, and the results you’ll see.

Your skin changes throughout the year and your life, and your ALLSKIN MED plan will too. It’s all based on skin consultation, so I can give your skin what it needs, when it needs it.

ALLSKIN MED, like everything else at Nu-Yu, is all about YOU and YOUR skin!

Every aspect of your ALLSKIN MED journey at Nu-Yu will be tailored to you and your skin, and it will begin with a thorough professional skin consultation for all new clients. This consultation will allow me to create a programme that will address your key skin concerns and provide the very best results.

For all existing clients, as your skin is constantly under assessment, suggestions will be made as to the most suitable home-care and treatment combination for you.

Following consultation, you will receive a suggested regime of home-use skincare products, which combine key ingredients to target every layer of your skin. Your personalised ALLSKIN MED regime will address your specific skin concerns, fit in with your lifestyle and make real changes to your skin.

This home regime will be boosted with a menu of advanced in-clinic treatments. And because your skin is constantly changing, your ALLSKIN MED programme will, too. With regular skin consultations and facials, Nu-Yu will truly get to know your skin, tailoring each and every treatment.

Your bespoke regime will target multiple skin concerns and treat your skin from cell to surface… and all of the products are beautifully luxurious and an absolute dream to use too!

ALLSKIN MED acts on every layer of your skin, from cell to surface. Its core active technologies work together in perfect synergy, making real skin improvements with a gentle approach.

Working at every layer enables the most effective treatment for skin for both short- and long-term results. Each of the products and treatments is carefully created to ensure maximum efficacy with a luxurious skin-loving feel. No downtime, just great results.

ALLSKIN MED features 6 core active technologies that are derived from patented ingredients. Harnessing the power of nature and backed by clinical data, these technologies are a result of years of research and development.

Active, effective products don’t have to be aggressive. Each of the products in the ALLSKIN MED range is luxurious, multi-tasking and packed with active ingredients and technologies. When combined into your personalised regime, the products work together in perfect synergy to deliver beautiful results, while being gentle on your skin.

The products in the range fall into 4 simple different categories within your regime;

Prepare, Renew, Hydrate, and Protect

Find out what your skin needs right now – book in for your ALLSKIN MED virtual consultation for £20 – which is redeemable against ALLSKIN MED skincare products. What’s not to love?

Contact Nu-Yu at

Healthy, glowing skin is just a consultation away!

Visit the ALLSKIN MED website and select Nu-Yu Advance Skin Solutions on the 'Find Your Clinic' drop down n



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