NEW! Daily Superfoliant

This highly - active resurfacer delivers your smoothest skin ever and helps fight biochemical and environmental triggers known to accelerate skin ageing.

The Daily Superfoliant, which is not to be confused with its rice-based, best-selling predecessor, the Daily Microfoliant, is the brand's answer to the rise of anti-pollution products we've seen within the last year. "While similar in form, the Superfoliant and Microfoliant couldn't be more different," says Diana Howard, vice president of research and development for Dermalogica. "Daily Superfoliant resurfaces skin and helps prevent premature signs of pollution-related aging, while Daily Microfoliant is known for its smoothing and brightening capabilities."

Dermalogica's new exfoliator, which is finely grained in texture, boasts the pollutant-absorbing ingredient activated binchotan charcoal powder (another ingredient we've seen sky-rocket in use in 2016) to extract dirt and oil; rice bran, which gives the powder its grit; anti-inflammatory niacinamide; and lactic acid to slough off dead skin cells.

Top 5 Sources of Skin-aging pollution:
  • Particular Matter - Ash from fires, dust from farm activity and construction, and soot from automobiles; all of which can trigger pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

  • Oxides - Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfar Dioxide from natural and industrial burning, which can generate radicals that degrade the skin's naturally-protective lipids.

  • Ground Level ozone - Smog, which can significantly deplete natural vitamin levels in skin after just a few hours of exposure.

  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydroccarbons - Organic pollutants from wood burning and auto exhaust, which help accelerate brown spots and wrinkles.

  • Cigarette Smoke - A cocktail of multiple skin stressors, including many of the above, that can lead to premature skin aging and disease.

So, how do you use it? Pretty easily, actually. After cleansing, simply pour out about half a teaspoon of the powder into wet hands (that's important) and start slowly rubbing the gritty formula together until it forms a foamy paste. (If your hands aren't wet, you won't activate the formula.) From there, apply to your wet face and neck, rubbing in circular motions for about a minute before thoroughly rinsing. The result? Gorgeous, glow-y skin (trust me, I've tried it). May be used daily. For more sensitive skin, apply on alternate days until skin acclimates.